The negative impact of political homogeneity in American communities, across the world, and in the academy.
The case for heterodoxy.
Three possible angles we’ve identified:
Angle 1: Crisis in the Academy
Higher education has been a long-time staple in the American Dream, but its fall from heterodoxy may prove disastrous. Today, the importance, value, and trust ascribe to the academy is under question by a large conservative constituency. This makes bipartisan collaboration much harder even when action is urgently needed.
Angle 2: The Political Divide: Addressing Climate Change
We primarily focuses on the polarization in American. We tell stories of people who are climate activists living with anxiety about the future. We also tell stories of people in rural America who are skeptical of research around climate change. What has divided us and can we work together to address something as important as climate change?
Angle 3: Communication Across Difference
We would work in tandem with Essential Partners to tell the story of secret talks that took place in the 90s between pro-life and pro-choice leadership. The conversations illustrate why it’s hard to communicate across difference, why it matters, and the various crucial results. There are also current conversation underway that we would capture.
Documentaries are proven to be effective:
But only if viewers see themselves represented
What studies can we find/paraphrase about how to generate cultural change?
Expected return: $200,000
It’s important not to see this as a financial investment as much as an investment in marketing and education. 
In Tanzania, media programs were seen as an investment in education. It cost the government 34 cents per new adopter of family planning. It cost 8 cents per adopter of new HIV/AIDS avoidance behaviors.
Our team:
Josh Sabey: Director
Zak Ciotti: Director of Photography
Lorenzo Gusti: Audio Engineer
David Sabey: HxA member and Producer
Richard Redding: HxA member and Producer
Proposed team members:
Arthur Brooks: Producer
Johnathan Haidt: Producer
David Brooks: Producer
We are legit because...
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