Micah Salberg
Sound Designer
Micah Salberg specializes in mixing/mastering audio in a wide variety of settings from video set productions to live stage performances. He also plays several instruments and has written original scores for film. He served six and a half honorable years of service in the US Army as a combat medic with a 15-month tour to Afghanistan. During his tenure in the army, Micah co-founded a monthly jazz/open mic event that was designed to increase awareness of the local music and art community. He subsequently served one year in an Americorps program as a Musiciancorps Artist promoting music for public benefit.

Micah graduated from the Berklee College of Music Online's Master Certification program in Music Production and Technology with a 3.945 GPA where he gained hands-on experience with the latest audio programs and technology as well as cameras and camera equipment. He is currently studying Recording Arts at the Los Angeles Film School. Micah's greatest passion lies spreading his love for music and performance. He is fascinated with the art of telling a story through film/music; and he loves working with sound and film equipment to create a visceral experience for the viewer.