Tim Sikora
Sound Designer
Sound designer and musician Tim Sikora established himself at an early age as an avid musician and composer. Learning acoustic guitar as a child he sought out a broad spectrum of influences studying many different musical styles. Multi-track recording soon followed. He began experimenting with a 4-track tape recorder, the Tascam Portastudio 414 Mk2. By his mid-teens, he needed more so he sold his car to fund the upgrade to a digital multi-track recorder, the BOSS BR1180 hosting '64' tracks. Over the years he played with, composed with, and recorded many friend and family musicians. He transitioned to recording on a PC experimenting with various multi-tracking DAWs.

Following another of his interests, Tim spent time studying at Vermont Instruments School of Lutherie. While there he hand-crafted a unique cross-over classical/steel string guitar that has found its voice in many musical pieces thereafter.

Tim also spent time learning ProTools and mic placement techniques recording live Jazz and orchestral concerts with audio engineer and music producer David Sykut.

From there it wasn’t long before he discovered his interest in sound design using Adobe Audition, Avid ProTools and audio repair/restoration with Izotope RX5 Post Production Suite. Most recently he’s been working with the Boldrush team collaborating on multiple viral internet videos gaining millions of views, along with other audio projects.

Elements of Sound Ltd is the business result of Tim’s lifetime of passion for music and sound.