Below are examples of video styles that have been trending in recent years. Some of the following are productions within our capabilities, but are not our own work.
Standard Testimonial
Multiple Two-camera Interviews / Minimal Cutaways (B-Roll) / Prepared Questions
Individual Stories
Candid Interviews (A-Roll) & Cutaways (B-Roll)
Produced Stories
Prepared Interview Subjects (A-Roll) and Produced Cutaways (B-Roll)
Credibility Establishing Interviews
Visually Stylized / Alternative Camera Angles
Standard Coverage with Interviews / Documentary-style Coverage without Interviews
Montage Highlights
Motion Graphics Template with Custom Color Scheme and Titles
Brand Story
Scripted Visuals & Narration / Composited Motion Graphics
Onboarding / Explainer Videos
Scripted Narration & Storyboarded Stock Footage / Motion Graphics
Animated Photos // Cut-out Motion Graphics
Image Loop // Visual Effects
Kinetic Typography
Tips Video
Artistic Expression
Mixed Media
Loops Video/GIFs
2D Icon-based Graphic Animation
Explainer Video
Hand-drawn // Graphic Animation
Short Film
Faux Painting Graphic + Hand-drawn Animation
Ad // Opening
Inverted Matte (Footage VFX)
Masking Footage Visual Effects
Short Experimental Film
Static 3D Objects // 3D Objects + Images
Brand Video
Textured 2D Graphics // Textured 2D+Hand-drawn Graphics
3D Object Animation
Simple 2D Graphics in 3D Space
3D Photos
Short Film
3D Compositing
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