Zak Ciotti
Founding Partner & Director
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Zak Ciotti is a multiple Emmy award-winning commercial, documentary, & film director. He began animating on a DOS computer in 1996, documenting stories in 1998, filming shorts & editing non-linear for over a decade. Zak produces aesthetic and strategic stories by studying trends, innovating workflows, and organizing hierarchical collaborations. 

He's a collaborator, method-sharer, autodidact & kinesthetic learner, Dieva bērns, performance director, synesthete-cinematographer, organized & efficient non-linear editor, problem-solving VFX artist, challenges enthusiast, extrovert world traveler, and very honest guy.

Zak's repertoire includes feature films, documentaries, live broadcasts, TV pilots, commercials, shorts, events, projects he's worked on gained nearly 200 million YouTube/Facebook views, branding productions, seminars, speeches and hosts an international TV series.