Zak Ciotti
Founding Partner & Director
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Zak Ciotti's work as a commercial film director and entrepreneur focuses on shifting cognitive worldviews, improving business culture and uniting different perspectives to focus on the most essential issues in marketing, communications, and society. You can connect with him via his collective:

Zak is a commercial campaign, documentary, film director and producer. He began animating on a DOS computer in 1996, documenting stories on video in 1998, filming shorts in Europe & editing non-linear ever since. He received his B.Sc. in Film while studying under former VP of NFL Films, Phil Tuckett. Before graduating, Zak worked with independent and Disney film productions, flew from ocean to ocean on documentaries, and was awarded for his commercial productions. He has also won multiple regional Emmy® and ADDY® awards during his brief news and agency tenure.

In less than 5 years after graduation, he reached his 10-year goal of founding and partnering with a collective of creatives called BOLDRUSH! in 2016. Since its founding, BOLDRUSH! has been involved in 4 feature documentaries, *including "American Tragedy" which won Best Feature Documentary at the Boston Film Festival (2019), and since has been successfully distributed by Grativas Ventures.

Zak directs and produces aesthetic and strategic stories by studying trends, innovating workflows, and organizing hierarchical collaborations. He's passionate about collaboration and loves sharing methods. He considers himself an autodidact and kinesthetic learner, and is known for using his synesthesia to inspire cinematography choices and writing stories. He is an organized & efficient editor, problem-solving VFX artist, challenges enthusiast, extroverted world traveler, Dieva berns and very honest guy. Zak's repertoire includes feature films, documentaries, live broadcasts, TV pilots, commercials, shorts, events, branding productions, seminars, public speaking and YouTube videos.