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Creativity is a necessity in every industry, and we like to define it as: problem-solving. We began this collaboration to solve problems in every industry. This is why we love building a collective made up of artists, musicians, engineers, UAS pilots, writers, critical thinkers, photographers, producers, designers, directors, and visionaries; each an entrepreneur with various backgrounds.
As a collective that can expand and contract as needed, we have near-zero overhead, making us the preferred choice of creators for individuals and businesses. We are also the go-to for agencies and marketing firms who hire us instead of hiring in-house, salaried creatives, because each of us can be swapped out for different specialized professionals during a given project.
You can become a collaborator with BOLDRUSH! at any phase of your project: conceptualizing, end-to-end production, or final polishing. Regardless the medium, we can provide hyper-specialized work on one aspect of your project or we can produce the entire project from beginning to end.
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