Reintroducing the "Hollywood" Model

​​​​​​​Creatio ex Nihilo (How we create something out of nothing)
The BOLDRUSH! Method
Creativity is a necessity in every industry, and we like to define it as "problem-solving".
We began this collaboration to solve problems in every industry. This is why we love building a collective made up of artists, musicians, engineers, UAS pilots, writers, critical thinkers, photographers, producers, designers, directors, and visionaries, each an entrepreneur with various backgrounds.
As a collective that can expand and contract as needed, we have near-zero overhead, making us the preferred choice of creators for individuals and businesses.
Frequently, agencies and marketing firms prefer us over hiring in-house, salaried creatives because each of us can be swapped out for different specialized professionals during a given project.
You can become a collaborator with BOLDRUSH! at any phase of your project: conceptualizing, end-to-end production, or final polishing.

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WINNER Best Feature Documentary, Boston Film Festival 2019 "American Tragedy"
Distributed by Gravitas Ventures

We Listen
Understanding what you want to accomplish and the implications of your project is key. Evaluating your content needs and project purpose right along with you will help bring to light answers to questions you never knew you were looking for.
Our three favorite words are: communicate, communicate, and communicate.
Transparency and clarity makes each project a thrill.

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We Define
Collaborating with our clients means leveraging insights and analysis to efficiently develop a brief of the project.
But don't worry, you don't have to have all the answers. We can assist and guide you through the process where your project is less defined or is open to creative exploration.
You can be at any stage of your project and bring us on board to explore the full potential of your creative brief.

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We Design
We will present the developed ideas that involved research and trend-studies. We do this with treatments, design development and prototyping by comparison. If it fits the scope of your creative brief, we can explore potential technology solutions and how to apply them during this phase.

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We Create
We assemble a team of flexible artists and specialized producers to breathe life into your vision. Regardless the medium, we can provide hyper-specialized work on one aspect of your project or we can produce the entire project from beginning to end.

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We Measure
The success of your project will be measured throughout the launch and have enough flexibility to pivot as needed to optimize performance and reach your creative objectives.

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