Telling the story of the journey of sustainable and eco-friendly seafood...
Edited internally, this version of KnowSeafood's video was uploaded to their YouTube channel.
A standard opening full-screen and ending screen were added, as well as some slight adjustments to the video itself.
One of KnowSeafood's founders along with his wife are known in their circles for being astounding hosts and turned their innate skill and hospitality into a show that takes place monthly for the KnowSeafood community to learn about their services, products and cooking skills.

Their cooking is out of this world.
Content is king for a company established during the pandemic, and here are some other examples of video we produced for them to educate and encourage the consumers. Check them out below!
Various successful web ads were developed by the owner of KnowSeafood and quickly produced to reach tight deadlines by BOLDRUSH!
KnowSeafood wanted an upbeat, fun commercial for seafood lovers to tell the story of how their seafood’s journey is sustainable and eco-friendly.

We used a creative, 3-act structure visual story fused with motion graphics, color, and design VFX to show an upbeat journey of sustainable and eco-friendly seafood—from the sea to the kitchen.

This commercial drove interest and quickly educated potential and new customers about the sustainable culture, living and community that makes this brand what it is. The client and customers loved it.
Zak Ciotti

Sonja Ciotti


Creative Direction / Cinematography / Direction / Production / Motion Graphics / Design / VFX / Editorial / Color

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